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Seton Lottery Winners
by posted 01/07/2019

The Seton Lottery is now underway.  Congratulations to the following winners!








Glenn, Caden - 6W Marinelli




Ameneiros, Raymond - 5W Akram




Biele, Owen - 4W Biele




Nugent, Robert - 8W Moriarty




Santucci, Haley - 6G Brown




Carreno, Tyler - 8B Frobose


As a reminder winning numbers are determined by the evening NYS Lottery Numbers drawing.

Prizes will be distributed in early February.

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Seton CYO Store Now Open
by posted 10/26/2018

The Seton Online Merchandise Store is Officially Open and will remain open throughout the season.  We are working with a new vendor SquadLocker and have added two new logos and a lot of different apparel styles and brands.  Also Seton CYO will receive 10% of your purchase, so please check out the new store, gear up, and support Seton CYO proudly! 

Use discount code MYTEAM10 to receive 10% off your purchase.  SquadLocker also emails other sale offers and discount codes when you have an account.

The Store is best viewed using Google Chrome.

Link to Seton CYO SquadLocker Store


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Seton CYO Free-Throw Fundraiser Challenge
by posted 10/10/2018

Seton CYO Basketball is excited to announce the 1st Annual Free-Throw Fundraiser Challenge. 

A missed free-throw can win or lose a basketball game, yet many players don’t work hard enough to improve at the charity stripe (aka the foul line). This fundraiser is used to work on their free-throw skills; a vital part to any basketball player’s game while raising money to go towards the Parish’s gym improvement plans. 100% of the money raised will go to making improvements such as, improving acoustics, painting, new wall padding, banners and wall decor, and hopefully someday a new gym floor. 

This is how the Free-Throw Fundraiser Challenge works…

  • Each player will be given a Pledge Form at one of their practices in mid-October.  The first goal for each player is to raise as many pledges as possible from Sponsors and make a record of them on the Form.  A pledge is a donation per each made free-throw and a Sponsor is the person making the pledge.  A flat donation from a Sponsor is also acceptable. 
  • The second goal for each player is make as many free-throw as they can out of 100, so they should begin practicing as often as possible.  In mid-December, at the beginning of one of the player’s team practices, he/she will shoot 100 free-throws in sets of 10 with a partner (or two) helping count and rebound.  The coach will set and advise the team/parents of the date of the event in advance.  All players will need to bring their Pledge Form and a pencil to practice on this day so there partner can mark the made and missed free-throws on the bottom of the form.
  • After the Player has taken the 100 free-throws, then they collect on the pledges (# of shots made X the pledge per free-throw equals amount to collect).  It is acceptable to continue to collect pledges and flat donations after player has taken the 100 free-throws. 
  • Completed Pledge Form Cards and the money raised will be due back to the player’s Coach the first week of January.

Player Prizes and Awards…

Since this is a “Challenge” it is a competition, and there is be more than just bragging rights on the line.  Awards will be given to the players in each age group and gender and overall for 1) Free-Throw Champion (the players that make the most free-throws); 2) Sponsorship Champion (the players that get the most pledges); and 3) Fundraiser Champion (the players that raise the most money). 

Please help make this fundraiser a success by assisting your child with obtaining as many Pledges as possible.

For Questions please reach out to your coach or email 

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2019 Seton CYO Lottery Fundraiser
by posted 10/10/2018

The Seton Lottery is a Fundraiser the program uses to raise money for tournaments and to help offset the costly outside court rental fees incurred to host practices and games for the program’s 17 teams. 

One Thousand cards are printed each with a unique number ranging from 000 to 999.  Winning cards are determined by the nightly New York Lotto’s Numbers game.  If your card number matches that night’s drawing, then you win the amount printed on the Seton lottery card for that day.  The Seton Lottery runs for the month of January 2019.

The Seton Lottery Cards are in distributed by the Coaches to their players at one of their practices in October.  Each family has been assigned and will receive 7 Cards.  The cost of the Cards ($10 each) was included in the registration fee at signup.   Seton CYO has a record of who has each Card.  Families have the option to sell any amount of their Cards or to keep them all or some for themselves. 

  • If the Cards are kept (not sold) there is nothing further to do except cross your fingers and hope that your numbers come up. 
  • If a Card is sold, have the purchaser complete the Stub on the bottom of the Card.  Collect $10 per card from the purchaser.  Separate the Stub from the Card.   Give the Card to the purchaser and keep the Stub.  The money collected from is yours to keep, but the Completed Stub needs to be returned. 
    • Scan and email the Stubs to
    • Mail the Stubs to:

Seton CYO

14 Rosemary Ct

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

  • Stubs can be provided to your coach

For Questions please reach out to your coach or email

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